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2ID in attaining the Proficient Stage

2ID in attaining the Proficient Stage

Align with the intent of Higher Headquarters in promoting and advocating the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR) and IPSP-Bayanihan, the 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division is constantly conducting various activities and programs in order to extend quality service to all its stakeholders. Among the notable activities that the 2ID has conducted were the “May Festival” and “2ID-MSAB Oktoberfest” which brought thousands of stakeholders from various sectors at Camp Capinpin to enjoy and participate on the said festivities. Likewise, the 2ID has developed “Best Practices” that pushes all Jungle Fighters to be physically healthy. These are the Body Mass Index (BMI) Challenge and Carless Day every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The BMI Challenge aims all Jungle Fighters to attain a normal BMI by maintaining a healthy living, regular exercise, and monthly health monitoring at 2nd Army Station Hospital. The Carless Day on the other hand, prevents all Jungle Fighters to have a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, for continuously demonstrating commitment to pursue genuine reform and transformation as manifested by its exemplary progress in governance and strategy management, the 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division headed by MGEN ROMEO G GAN AFP, Commander, 2ID, PA was one among the only four (4) Philippine Army Major Units which was conferred as Proficient Status with Silver Trail Blazer Award under the Army Governance Pathway (AGP). Proficient Stage is the third stage among the four (4) stages in the Army Governance Pathway (AGP) under the Islands of Good Governance (IGG). These are: 1.) Initiated, 2.) Compliant, 3.) Proficient, and 4.) Insititutionalized. The said recognition was awarded by no less than LTGEN EDUARDO M AÑO AFP, Commanding General, Philippine Army during the Army Governance Forum 03-15 on 04 December 2015 held at PAOCH, Philippine Army, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City which was receieved by MGen Gan. After receiving said recognition, MGen Gan said the reasons why 2ID is continuously marching towards success. “We have achieved such recognition because we have changed our bad habits, touched the hearts of our stakeholders, and won the minds of our enemies,” said MGen Gan. Said statement is anchored with the 2ID Marching Slogan that also serves as a guiding principle - Jungle Fighters: “Changing Habits, Touching Hearts, and Winning Minds.”2ID in attaining the Proficient Stage 2ID in attaining the Proficient Stage

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